Kids should not have to know what cancer is

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up…I basically haven’t been riding or practicing..I’ve let lifes little flutters of change get in the way.  Usually by now I would be well prepared for 24HOB this year it is not the case…I haven’t had that spark that usually pushed me into gear.  Until this morning:

Over the past few months Monks (my son) has began to learn how unfair and random life is.  He and my nephew go to the Fletcher School…My nephew was in first grade with a little girl named Erica Ely…Fletcher is a small school and my nephews class had a total of 6 kids, Erica being one of them.  Yesterday was their moving up ceremony…I watched as H and then Monks walked the stage…But Erica was not there.  Since the age of 2 Erica has battled brain cancer and last night she lost her battle….


I sit her in total sadness knowing that Erica’s family is going through this…I can not imagine the loss of a child.  I can not imagine the loss of a sibling..My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I sit here in utter disbelief that my son and nephew have been touched by cancer yet again (the loss of my Dad…an amazing man they never met)…The other week Monks asked me why Erica had to get cancer and why medicine wouldn’t make her better.  I had no answer….


As a parent I feel like I should have answers or at least be able to find them…..The same week Monks gave me $100 that he earned to donate to 24HOB he said it was for my dad and Erica…


The only thing I can do is help with the cause…help raise money to find an answer or a solution….

Please donate to 24HOB ( under the name Pip Gregson)…

My thoughts are with the Ely family..Erica will be missed



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4 Responses to “Kids should not have to know what cancer is”

  1. Laura Hutchison Says:

    Awful, Awful news. Lovely blog entry by you. I’m very proud to have a son like yours at Fletcher!

  2. Her family is in my thoughts.

  3. Oh Hon…My prayers are with you all too! This year my little one did our area’s first Relay for Life’s Children’s walk! She lost her Great Aunt and Her Primary Care Doctor both to Cancer Last year! When I explained what it was all about she wanted to walk. Thank you for riding! Safe training!

    Much Love and prayers

  4. this brought tears to my eyes. I’m glad you’re reinvigorated to ride in the 24HOB. My Mom and one of my 8 sisters are both breast cancer survivors. That’s who I’m riding for….

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